Limited Spots Available for Private
Counseling and Intensive Retreats With Jim to Help You Overcome Personal Challenges or Rebuild and Restore Your Relationship.

What Services Are Available?
Couples Counseling
  • Sessions are 2 hours
  • Up to $100 discount for pre-paying each month!
  • Private pay only, but we can provide a statement for you to request reimbursement directly with your insurance company

Lone Ranger Counseling
  • Help and guidance for individuals whose spouse/partner won't yet do counseling
  • Sessions are 1 hour
  • Private pay only, but we can provide a statement for you to request reimbursement directly with your insurance company

Individual Counseling
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Pastors and Clergy
  • Leadership Challenges
  • Sessions are 1 hour
  • Private pay only, but we can provide a statement for you to request reimbursement directly with your insurance company

FastTrack Private Couples Intensives
  • Private full-day intensive (1-3 days)
  • Comprehensive pre-intensive assessment
  • 30 day step-by-step action plan
  • Follow up session included
  • More details below
How long does counseling last?
Great question! While each situation is unique, research shows that most couples dealing with non-crisis issues can meet their goals in 8-12 sessions. Couples who have experienced crisis, infidelity, and other complicating factors often need 6 months or more to meet their goals. Couples in crisis are strongly encouraged to enroll in a FastTrack Couples Intensive, which can dramatically shorten the length of time in traditional weekly counseling.

Why are couples counseling sessions 2 hours?
Clinical research consistently shows that 90 -120 minute couples sessions are vastly more effective than 60 minutes, and shortens the tenure of treatment. All too often couples in 60-minute sessions report frustration at how quickly times passes, and how much slower progress seems to take. Jim's own experience with over 12 years of couples counseling has shown that to be true. After his first few years of counseling Jim moved away from one-hour couples sessions and saw a dramatic rise in success. Couples ended up getting happier and healthier at a much quicker pace.
What will we do in counseling and in-between sessions?
Jim is an expertly-trained couples therapist who uses the Gottman Method incorporated with Emotionally-Focused Therapy. What this means, in a nutshell, is that you and your spouse/partner will work with Jim in sessions and in homework assignments to:

  • rebuild and restore any cracks or damage to the foundation of trust
  • recognize and meet each other's core needs
  • increase safety and vulnerability in the relationship
  • resolve the 3 types of conflict with new skills
  • communicate in loving, intentional, and healthy ways
  • understand how and when to grant forgiveness
  • identify your boundaries (not walls or demands) and how to lovingly enforce them
  • incorporate the antidotes to the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse in marriage
What is a FastTrack Couples Intensive?
A FastTrack Couples Intensive quickly provides HOPE, ANSWERS, and a STEP-BY-STEP PLAN when...

  • Your marriage or relationship needs a major overhaul.
  • Prior couples counseling hasn't gotten you anywhere.
  • The relationship is at the make-or-break point.
  • There has been infidelity or betrayal

It's a 30-day success program that includes a comprehensive pre-intensive assessment, 1-3 intensive days with Jim, 30 days of VIP support from Jim, a 30-day plan for EACH spouse or partner, and downloadable tools and guides to transform the way you communicate, resolve conflict, and connect as a couple!
Why should I consider the FastTrack Couples Intensive versus weekly couples therapy?
Great question! An Intensive takes 2-3 months of couples counseling, and shrinks it down to a day of counseling plus a month of action steps.
Research consistently shows that couples intensives average a 90%+ success rate when therapists use the most effective approaches to couples counseling, such as Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, the Gottman Method, and other methods that focus on helping couples KNOW WHAT TO DO DIFFERENT versus endlessly focusing on the problem! 
Who is FastTrack for? Who is it not for?
The FastTrack Couples Intensive may be right for you if you...

  • Recently discovered a betrayal or affair
  • You're at the "make or break point"
  • Prior couples counseling hasn't worked
  • Don't have long to wait until you start seeing results

The FastTrack Couples Intensive is NOT for couples...

  • Experiencing current, ongoing domestic violence
  • One partner has a untreated, severe chemical or behavioral addiction
  • An affair is ongoing and/or the partner hasn't broken it off yet
  • These exclusionary criteria also apply to weekly couples counseling
What happens on the FastTrack intensive day(s) with Jim?
The intensive day itself is where the biggest and most painful challenges in your relationship are treated with laser-focus. We work through various problems that plague couples, such as broken trust, infidelity, an inability to communicate, long-term patterns of destructive behavior, and a lack of connection or intimacy. The intensive day(s) are highly-customized to your needs, but typically involve couples sessions, couples exercises, skill-building sessions, and individual sessions. There are breaks and the meal(s) are included to make it a turnkey experience.
How much is my investment for FastTrack?
The cost depends on how many intensive days (1-3) you need, but the 30-day program with 1 intensive day starts at $1,500. Insurance does not cover couples intensives as they see them more like a retreat.

Keep in mind that it will cost anywhere from $15,000 - $30,000 on average to divorce in the US, however the worst costs are often in other areas, such as...

  • Court order to split custody with the kids
  • Dramatic uptick in mental health problems
  • Ongoing relationship with the ex-spouse if you have kids (often adversarial)
  • Increased likelihood of your kids going through divorce later in life
  • Kids likely to experience behavioral, academic, or psychological problems
  • Your chances of another divorce go way up
  • Lost friendships
  • Holidays will never be the same
  • Birthdays will never be the same

Can you really put a price tag on you and your kids' health, wellness, financial stability, friends, and futures?

Is there a guarantee?

Unfortunately it isn't possible to guarantee that two parties will choose to use what they've been given in counseling or an intensive. What is able to be guaranteed are the following things:

  • Jim will give you the knowledge and tools that have produced the highest success rates of couples counseling in the world.
  • Jim will sensitively but also courageously deal with the most pressing problems in your relationship.
  • Jim will give you a high level of ongoing support.
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